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Our global best selling brand "Olaplex" loved by many, has elevated the hair industry forever. The bond-building technology helps to reverse signs of hair damage, whether caused by thermal, chemical, mechanical or environmental factors. Ritzys salon colourists consider Olaplex products as an essential step for protecting the integrity hair during the colouring process, Olapex’s nine step routine is also ideal for keeping even virgin hair in flawless condition. So whether your hair is frizzy, has been damaged by heat or chemicals, or you just want to prevent breakage, shop the Olaplex collection on My Complete Routine today.



What do Ritzy's hair stylists think?..

Lora - Hair stylist

" I'm not naturally blonde, so I have to work harder then most fair people to keep my blonde shiny and yellow free. I love Olaplex no.4p, finally a purple shampoo that also considers the condition aswell as banishing all the yellow!"

- Ritzys Windsor

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Lucia - Hair Stylist

" I have really unruly frizzy hair, and The No.7 Bonding oil by Olaplex really helps me to control the frizz and puts shine into my hair without leaving it greasy or oily. I recommend this to all my clients - I call it a little pot of gold!

Be sure to give the whole family a go, its really changed the way us hairdressers can style your hair." 

- Ritzys Windsor

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